Inceptio Released White Paper on Mass Production of Autonomous Trucks


On September 1, 2022, Inceptio held the first Tech Day. Based on the successful practice and exploration of three years’ mass production journey, Inceptio released the "White Paper on Mass Production of Autonomous Trucks". Guided by the eight principles of mass production, Inceptio shared in-depth methodology system and technological innovation of the mass production and development of autonomous driving trucks: 

  • For the first time, a systematic forward function definition method for the use scenario of autonomous trucks is proposed. It integrates the standards and specifications of functional safety and cyber security, and supports 5 categories of complete metrics system and testing schme

  • A comprehensive development methodology of mass production and full-stack technologies is unveiled, which covers the overall 7 core systems of autonomous trucks. It details the cutting-edge technological innovation and engineering optimization that overcome multiple challenges of physical characteristics in trucks, strict safety requirements, mass production consistency, operational requirements of cost and transportation timeliness, characteristics understanding of safety officers, etc..

  • An autonomous driving mass production R&D process system is built. It innovatively integrates the V-model of the automotive industry with the agile development model of the software industry, and for the first time integrates the high-level autonomous driving development process into the entire truck development process, establishing the industry's most complete autonomous driving truck mass production test verification system

  • With the concept of Safety First as a core, an autonomous driving safety development system is established, which runs through the whole cycle from R&D to mass production, covers the whole vehicle to the core system, spans the entire organization of Inceptio Technology, and collaborates with multiple mass production partners.

Inceptio's R&D process system originates from the continuous practice and exploration during the mass production and development of autonomous trucks. Through the white paper, Inceptio shared in depth practices in innovation and exploration accordingly. It tries to deal with the huge conflict between the rigor of vehicle top-down development, the agility of software development, and the uncertainty of self-driving algorithms and requirements. Problems and conflicts are far from resolved, and the entire industry must continue to practice and integrate innovation, especially in a new era of deep learning and software-defined vehicles. 

The white paper also systematically shared a large number of technical innovation details and industrial integration practices of Inceptio, hoping to promote industry sharing and co-creation of the methodology for mass production of autonomous vehicles, and to eliminate the problems of fragmentation of experience and knowledge related to mass production for practitioners.

In this Tech Day, Inceptio simultaneously released a limited edition of white paper Non-Fungible Token.