Agreement Signed | Inceptio Technology, G7 and ENN to Build LNG Heavy-Duty Truck Routes Together


Eason A, EVP of Inceptio Technology (left),and Yin Ming, General Manager of ENN Energy Trading Co., Ltd. (right),
signed the agreement on behalf of G7 and Inceptio Technology, and ENN, respectively

Many factors make cost-advantageous LNG heavy-duty trucks inaccessible to logistics users

Being more economical and generating cleaner, more environmentally friendly emissions, liquid natural gas (LNG) heavy-duty trucks have a clear advantage over their diesel counterparts. In reality, however, many factors prevent logistics users from enjoying the LNG cost advantages.
Here are the major challenges facing the application of LNG heavy-duty trucks: First, with LNG stations few and far between, especially along highways, truckers often have to drive at least 50km to the next refueling station. Next, natural gas is susceptible to price fluctuations in foreign and domestic futures markets. The volatile nature prevents logistics companies from estimating fuel costs. In addition, LNG vehicle and refueling technologies have yet to be improved. The poor gas mileage out of LNG cylinders and time-consuming fueling process fail to meet the needs of logistics users for timely and efficient transportation.  


An industry-first "intelligent heavy-duty trucks + energy services" mode offers a major cost advantage to logistics users

An "intelligent heavy-duty trucks + energy services" mode is a feature of this cooperation. Simply by leasing Inceptio Technology's LNG heavy-duty trucks and obtaining the G7 Fuel Card, logistics customers can enjoy exclusive stable and low prices all year round at gas stations along the planned routes. This translates to significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of RMB 100,000 or more for each truck. Inceptio Technology offers logistics customers LNG heavy-duty trucks compliant with National Standard VI that have resolved the issues of limited mileage and slow refueling. 
Refueling stations have now been positioned at the Changan, Changshan and Hengshishui Service Areas along the Shanghai–Guangzhou route, the first outcome of the cooperation. With major cities in Eastern and Southern China covered, Inceptio Technology, G7 and ENN will replicate the innovative "intelligent heavy-duty trucks + energy services" mode for trunk roads across the country to build a nationwide service network and extend major cost advantages to logistics users.
Inceptio Technology and G7 have also launched an intelligent asset management platform providing assets as a service throughout the vehicle lifecycle, including the flexible leasing of LNG heavy-duty trucks, vehicle customization, digital LNG post-payment , and aftermarket services.


Representatives of ENN, Inceptio Technology and G7 attended the signing ceremony.
Zheng Hongtao, President of ENN (fifth from left), Zhai Xuehun, Founder & CEO of G7 (fourth from right), and Ma Zheren, President of G7 and Founder & CEO of Inceptio Technology (fourth from left).


Combining innovative advantages to lower costs and increase efficiency for customer

This cooperation combines the core technologies and innovative advantages of Inceptio Technology, G7 and ENN, and is a major milestone in their continuing efforts to lower costs and increase efficiency for customers.
1. Supply chain innovations by ENN to address the shortage of LNG stations and LNG price fluctuations. With its robust LNG supply chain advantages, ENN locks in LNG prices, so that Inceptio Technology's customers can enjoy exclusive stable and low rental prices all year round for LNG heavy-duty trucks. ENN also positions LNG stations for line-haul logistics to ensure that refueling facilities are available along highways.
2. Inceptio Technology's intelligent heavy-duty trucks and financial innovations provide full vehicle lifecycle services. Inceptio Technology offers intelligent heavy-duty trucks and financial innovation. By building a sizeable pool for leasing LNG heavy-duty trucks, it creates a stable customer base for the sustainable operations of LNG stations and energy suppliers. It also provides assets as a service throughout the vehicle lifecycle, ranging from the flexible leasing of trucks to aftermarket services.
3. G7's upgraded IoT technologies enable the digital management of vehicles and energy. With its IoT platform advantage, G7 has built a digital fuel card network covering the logistics trunk lines across the country. Vehicle operational information and the digital fuel cards are linked to the LNG energy station network, allowing logistics customers and energy suppliers to implement digital management.

This three-pronged approach with intelligent heavy-duty trucks, IoT technologies, and energy supply chains marks the beginning of a new era of intelligent asset services. The logistics industry will take a step toward lower costs and higher efficiency.